Sunday, August 30, 2009

You Can't Please Everyone

It has recently come to my attention that despite the numerous benefits that the Fitness The Right Way website has already brought to so many people, there is a blogger out there who is attempting to discredit not just Fitness The Right Way, but the entire subject of health and fitness.

The blog is called Living Large with Gary Montague – Alternatives to a Healthy Lifestyle. The name says it all. The only alternative to healthy living is unhealthy dying. Certainly any person, Mr. Montague included, has the right to pursue happiness in whatever manner they see fit.

However, the fact is that anyone out there can start enjoying a healthier life by just walking for 30 minutes a day, just a few times a week. In Mr. Montague’s defense, that’s a half hour that could be used playing video games, or watching TV or cyber-stalking.

Fitness The Right Way will continue to educate and help those who can see that health and fitness increase the quality of people’s lives.

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