Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The 7 Steps to Sticking to Your Exercise Program

1. When engaging in a new exercise program always start off at a very low level. I will start a new exerciser with as little as 10-15 minutes of aerobic exercise at a very low intensity.

The same goes for weight training. I will only have them do one set of each exercise at a very comfortable weight when first starting.

2. Progress at a slow but consistent pace. As an example I will have a person add one minute to their aerobic workout time each session.

For weight training I will often have the person progress by adding one extra repetition each workout up to a maximum number at which point they would add weight and then drop the repetitions back down.

3. Educate yourself in the area. This will raise your certainty about what you are doing and help you to stick to it. Be sure to look up any words that you encounter that you do not fully understand when studying the area.

4. Exercise with a friend. Having a friend to exercise with will increase your likelihood of sticking with your program. Make sure it is someone who has similar goals to you so as to ensure a program that will yield results for both of you.

5. Set goals and targets for yourself. This gives you the game to play.

6. Keep some weekly statistic or measure of how you are doing. This could be weighing yourself or measuring how much more time you are able to do on the treadmill, etc. This measures how well you are doing at the game.

7. The most effective way to stick with an exercise program is to hire a coach or personal trainer. Make sure it is someone who knows how to assess your current fitness level and that they do an initial evaluation to ascertain any injuries or limitations you may have. They should also record your current statistics (weight, measurements, body fat etc) so they can gauge your progress on the program. If they really know what they are doing you should experience only a minimum amount of muscle soreness while getting a challenging workout.

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