Friday, September 11, 2009

A Different Look at Cancer.

Now, right off the bat I must state that I do not treat disease. I deal in building health. But knowledge is power, man. And if you have a little knowledge on this subject, it might make you less likely to ever have to hear these fateful words from your doctor, “we found a mass and it is malignant.” So it is to this backdrop that I decided to present some interesting data on the subject of cancer. I hope you find it helpful and that you never hear those aforementioned words from your doctor. GJL

Over the last several years, I have had a number of associates and friends diagnosed with cancer. It is a horrible position to be in for sure. You have the immediate feeling of dread and doom and the uncertainty of how best to handle the problem. I have always said that it is way easier to prevent cancer than it is to treat it. The same holds true for heart disease and diabetes, incidentally. But to prevent something, you would have to know what the causes are.

In this article I am going to present an overview of what causes cancer and what cancer actually is. I warn you now that this is a different perspective on cancer and one that may not receive widespread acknowledgement from the media, or for that matter your local doctor. It is a simple view of a malady that has become epidemic in its scope and the number of people it affects.

Funny, but just one hundred years ago you barely heard of cancer. Maybe people died of other causes back then, or maybe medical science was not developed enough to diagnose it correctly. Whatever the case, what we can now say is that cancer is our number two killer in this country, just behind heart disease. So to this I say there must be something that we are missing on this disease we call cancer.

Let’s start by taking a bit of a different view of what cancer is. The following is condensed from research from Dr. William Donald Kelly, DDS, one of the pioneers of the field of metabolic typing. I would also recommend going on the internet and watching the film “A World Without Cancer” by G. Edward Griffin to give you even more data on the subject.

Dr. Kelly’s research shows that cancer cells are a normal primitive germ cell growing normally in the wrong place. How does this happen? It is an excess of female sex hormones that bring about a change of a basic cell into a cancer cell.

See both men and woman have both male and female sex hormones. And both men and woman, children and adults have cancer cells, they are there in everybody and they serve a purpose. The problem arises when the delicate balance of these hormones is disrupted and thus cancer can develop.

Follow me for a minute here while I explain the cycle that Kelly describes: In the human life cycle the male sperm unites with the female egg. If this fertilized egg would grow directly into a new baby, we would have no cancer or cancer problems. However nature does not act that simply and directly, for if she did, the newly formed embryo (baby), not being attached to anything, would fall directly out of the uterus. Therefore nature had to develop some way to attach the embryo to the wall of the uterus as well as some way to nourish it.

During the first three days of pregnancy, the cancer cells are growing very rapidly and surround the other cells. That’s right I said cancer cells. Cancer cells are normal cells, that produce a new body or baby, or in the case of cancer, a new growth or tumor. This new baby will fall out of the uterus unless something happens fast. And so it does happen fast, these cancer cells metastasize as cancer cells do and attach to the wall of the uterus. Now the baby cannot fall out of the uterus. You see, nature at work. Brilliant! The cancer cells continue to grow rapidly and form the placenta. This provides nourishment and a way for the baby to continue to grow safe and sound.

The cancer cells continue to grow until about the seventh week when the baby’s pancreas develops. The baby’s enzymes production from its pancreas and the mother’s enzymes production stop the growth of the cancer. (The role of pancreatic enzymes in cancer is gone into in detail in the video “A World Without Cancer.”) This is now a signal for any change in basic cells to stop and to migrate to the ovaries.

If they fatigue and do not reach the ovaries, any one of these cells is a potential cancer. This is why cancer can form in any part of the body. All that is needed is an imbalance of sex hormones and the cells will start to build a baby in the wrong place. (It has been reported that in autopsies of some cancer victims, they have found teeth and hair in the tumors.) When it is all said and done, cancer is normal growth of tissue (placenta) due to development of a basic cell in the wrong place (outside the uterus).

There are key nutrients you need to prevent cancer, as well as key lifestyle habits you should develop to stay healthy. Stay tuned for more on this subject in the future.

Yours in Good Health:
Guy La Brusciano

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