Monday, June 8, 2009

Why People Stop Exercising

The reason why seventy percent of people quit their exercise programs after the first workout lies in the fact that most people get extremely sore after this initial workout. It is really that simple, the person was very excited to be in the gym and in this excitement they did too much too soon.

Or the person may have joined a gym where they are given an initial workout with a trainer as part of their membership. Unfortunately this “trainer” is not always a trained professional but more likely an exercise enthusiast or someone very new to the field who mistakenly thinks he needs to give them a workout that will make them sore. Or this “trainer” does not take the time to ascertain their current fitness level, taking into account any injuries or limitations the person may have. Or they do not review the person’s exercise history and as a result they prescribe a routine that it is way too steep for the person to do. Even when the person says he likes being sore the end result is still a diminished desire to exercise and eventually stopping the activity.

Why a person stops exercise lies in the fact that they have done too much too soon. It was not a proper level or gradient for the person and they give it up. Often there are things that the person does not understand that compound this. Add to this a feeling of uncertainty of whether what they are doing is going to yield the results they are looking for and you get a high attrition rate amongst new exercisers. Having a coach helps to greatly reduce this phenomenon.

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